I’m slowly deleting projects from here. I’d like to rebuild the site but not sure if I have the energy for it. It’s also a test to see if anyone notices 🙂
cornershopCornershop, Ongoing.

Wait - interactions with street furnitureWait: Interactions with Street Furniture, an ongoing series of pictures centered on those yellow boxes with buttons.

small book big citySmall Book Big City, a limited edition book of panoramic photographs with one free print. (2006)

pavemental - the bookPavemental – book of photos, available to buy (2005).

Pause - London 2002Pause London – temporary interruptions (2002). Offline temporarily.

Twins 2, Twins IIKeep Left, a video and Twins 2 – the second gallery of a joint project made with Jawed Ashraf. (2004 / 2005)

onto the streetsOnto the Streets, a group exhibition at Photofusion which included some of my photographs. The show toured with the British Council to Greece, Croatia and Georgia – 2006-2007.

In the Realm of the UnderwhelmedIn the Realm of the Underwhelmed – the ongoing photo blog. Since April ’03. Removed 2015.

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