Low Tide Walk

Low tide Bexhill on SeaClick images to enlarge.

Rie Nakajima at DLWP

Rie Nakajima at DLWPPart of a Dear Serge event at the De La Warr Pavilion.

Hey! That’s My Camera

I recently got some laser cutting done for a job and it got me thinking… I designed this pinhole camera around 9 years ago using Illustrator and 3D software so I thought I’d repurpose the files for laser cutting. It’s the same basic design but I’m making it easier to load and of course, it’s now going to be built much more accurately. Meanwhile one of the two pictures that I made ‘creative commons’ on my Flickr got picked up and used by petapixel in a post which references Seth Godin’s blog post. They make a point I’ve long thought about digital cameras – they have made it harder to make pictures that look different from everyone else’s. Which is partly why I’ve tried to use (and build) odd cameras over the years. So I’m getting back to making and the pinhole seemed like the easiest first step. There are more plans!

Three Mandalas – Update

Brentford Mandala

Brentford Mandala

Two of my Urban Mandalas will be on show as part of the London Independent Photography annual show. It runs from 16 to 28 of October. There are more details and images on my urban mandalas page.

Previously, three of my Urban Mandalas were on show at the Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University from Wednesday, August 1 to Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

The London Festival of Photography

science vs alchemy

Science vs Alchemy

Three of my pictures are included in the group show of contemporary London street photography which is part of the London Festival of Photography.

The King’s Cross show is on until the 15th of August. Follow the link above, or use the diary to find out about all the other shows and events that are on. They’re mostly in the King’s Cross area and most run to the end of June. There is a lot to see!

If you can’t make it, my pictures are here: 1, 2 and 3.

where it is in King's Cross stationI was a bit confused by the new development at King’s Cross so I made this picture to make it easier to find the show. Click to pop it up.

Everything Must Go

cafe signWell, two things at least. I’m selling my Nikon SuperCoolscan 4000 ED (sold). This is a high resolution 35mm film / slide scanner. Also my Sigma DP1 camera (sold). Click to enlarge the unrelated picture from yesterday’s wander after teaching in deepest Wood Green.

Pictured Framed

a man carrying a picture frameSo much of what I’ve done recently has involved construction in the computer and yesterday felt like it had been a long time since I’d wandered and tried to take simple pictures.

House Corners

LIP magazine house corners spreadBrett from the London Street Photography Festival asked me to plug their international street photo awards. Meanwhile, the latest LIP magazine has a series of my house corner pictures across the centre spread. They are intended to be laid out in a grid like this but if you can’t get a copy of the mag you can see them singly on Flickr. Think of them as indoor street photography.

LIP Annual Show

Tower Bridge panoramicThis is one of two of my new wide-o-rama pictures that are in the LIP Annual Show which runs from 18-21 October at Strand Gallery on John Adam Street (just behind the Strand at the Charing Cross end). Like a good member I’m doing my bit by sitting in the gallery on Friday morning, the 21st so drop in, say hello and look at the other 120+ pictures.

Around the Corner Shop

cornershop sketchbook scanI really like Patrick Hughes’ paintings and his 3D constructions were an obvious inspiration for my Cornershop pictures. Looking at my sketchbook scan here makes me think I should go out and do more. I don’t know if he’s painted this kind of subject before but I was amused to see his latest work (see below).

patrick hughes corner storesIf you’ve never seen his constructions you really need to stand in front of them to get the effect. They are great fun, so visit Flowers between 14 July and 3 September 2001.

Adventures in the Panosphere

Farringdon RoadThis is the first test of a something I’m building so that I can get back to making panoramic pictures. Super simple and lots of fun. Click to make it bigger.

Surrealism Now?

surrealism nowWhen I think about photography and surrealism I tend to wonder if it’s still possible to do straight photography that could be considered surrealist. The question will be tested over the coming week as my “instruction” for the Street Photography Now Project Flickr group, here. Please feel free to respond by joining the group and posting one picture, that you’ve shot during this week (ends 10am GMT Friday 17 June).

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